When Mini
Floki Meets
We Bring You MiniFlokiAda.

MiniFlokiADA is the latest project that aims to pour you with wealth and only wealth. Bringing in daily claimable passive income, loyalty rewards, integration with the NFT and contributes to Dog Charity.

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What Are We All About?

Named after Elon’s New Shiba Inu Pup, the Mini Floki is ready to rock the crypto with its ADA rewards. With how every Floki token will pump whenever Elon tweets about his new pup and Cardano turning to be a real solid platform since its Hard Fork release, Mini Floki ADA will be the greatest innovation of 2021’s Q4. 

Mini Floki ADA aims to create a community that can reap countless rewards while earning great passive income. Inspiring to be a successful, community-driven, and charity-driven project, Mini Floki ADA is ready to be your latest moonshot token.

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ADA Vault

What is ADA Vault?

MiniFlokiADA is spreading wealth to the community with huge ADA rewards! Huge allocation goes into the ADA Vault:

4% of every BUY transaction
6% of every SELL transaction
10% of every Transaction between Wallets

ADA is claimable every 24 hours

Claimable ADA comes from the same percent of the ADA vault relevant to the amount of MFLOKIADA that you hold from the supply. (PS: If you hold 5% of the total supply of MFLOKIADA then you’ll get to claim 5% of ADA from the ADA Vault.)

All holders share the same ADA Vault to claim their ADA, when claiming happens the ADA pool will automatically reduce, and resulting in the ADA shares to decrease. So, once your claim cycle arrives, make sure to claim your rightful ADA asap! 

Top 100 Holders Rewards 

On top of the ADA Vault that you get to claim daily, you also get to claim extra rewards by being the TOP 100 $MFLOKIADA Holders.

Top 100 Rewards is filled from:

1.5% of every Buy Transaction

1.5% of every Sell Transaction

We aim to incentivize every holder that trust and invest on us. This aims to be a motivation for every holder to race to be in the Top 100 MFLOKIADA holders.

(PS: The claiming mechanism is the same with the ADA Vault claiming.)

NFT Collection

First Meme Token with Rewards & NFT Integration way before token launch. MiniFlokiADA is breaking the ordinary Meme-Token vibes by diving deep into the NFT market. We are launching 6 premiere NFT and it is a glimpse of what’s to come for the MiniFlokiADA project. The NFT will then be integrated into the Minigames that we are developing. This feature allows holder to have their very own NFT where every character have its own special characteristic. This is HUGE for us and the preparation is maturing into its final integration. The NFT Marketplace for MiniFlokiADA will also dropped further down the roadmap.


MiniFlokiADA upcoming Minigame has also started its development. Imagine a game where you can have tons of fun while earning lots too. YES! We are developing a Play2Earn minigame called Mini Floki Rush: Treasure Hunt, it is our first Mini-game that will be available on the website, IOS, and Android, a Play-To-Earn game where you get to stock up more on your $MFLOKIADA. This Minigame is our approach to reach out to more people out there and spread our influence to different community. To promote MiniFlokiADA to the world by giving players access to play in their favorit platforms.

Join Mini FlokiADA and his gang on fun, treasure hunting adventure through the fantasy ADALand. With a swipe of your finger you get to guide your character to run through the obstacles and catch your treasure along the way. The game stops when you hits an obstacle. Challenge yourself for a World Record Highscore. There are different characters to choose from and every character is equipped with its own special powers. While enjoying the thrill throughout MiniFloki Rush, you’ll also get to claim your earnings in $MFLOKIADA every time you hit certain milestones in the game. In the same time, great prizes are waiting for you each time you climb the leaderboards en route to TOP 50 player. Challenge yourself in the exciting ADA Fantasy Land and be the Best Treasure Hunter at Mini Floki Rush.



We aim to build wealth for our community and in the same time we are also spreading love for a greater cause! We strive to be the best project that will support and contribute to several Dog Charity around the world. Join our movement and help donate to different Non-profit organization for Dogs worldwide. Our community-driven project pours 2% charity distribution and shall be utilized to fund several charity drives.

We have been prospecting several Dog Rescue Charity around the world and has been in touch to do our first charity drive. Where we are aiming to donate $10,000 in total for the first charity, consequently every charity drive will be held monthly, at the end of each month. We donate because we truly care, and we are proud to be giving our all to the community. 

We also would love to hear from our community, different charity recipient shall be chosen through polls by the community in our Telegram groups.

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Development Phase

Building Interest

Marketing Push

Website + Smart Contract Launch

NFT Integration Idea

Presale Announcement

Multiple Audits

5k Telegram Members

Epic Launch on PCS


Marketing & Advancement Phase

Initial Huge Reddit, Dextools, BSCScan, Poocoin Ads

Space X Banner Ads

Coinhunter, Coinsniper, Coinhunt, etc.

Influencer Marketing in Twitter & Telegram

Post-Launch IP 13 Giveaway

CG & CMC Listing

20k Telegram Members

CEX Listing

Charity Drive

ETH Bridge at Uniswap

NFT Collection


Adoption Phase

MiniFlokiADA Wallet Tracker Release

Several CEX Listings

Huge Influencer Marketing Campaign

Constant Poocoin Ads, BSC Scan Ads, Dextools Ads

MiniFlokiADA Wallet Launch

Mini-Games x NFT Launch

100k Telegram Members

2nd Charity Drive


Partnership Phase

Huge Partnership

More platform bridge

Huge Marketing Drive

More CEX Listing

MiniFlokiADA Swap Launch

MiniFlokiADA NFT Marketplace Launch

Tesla Giveaway

100k Holders

3rd Charity Drive

Frequently asked questions

How can I claim my ADA?

- Go to VAULTS page.

- Connect your desired wallet, you can view your current ADA earnings, collectible date & time will be shown.

- When the cycle is ready, hit the “Claim ADA” button.A small gas fees of BNB is required in order to claim your ADA.

- The claimable time is every 24 hours. But if you buy more than your current balance, it will reset your claimable date back 24 hrs. This is a mechanism to prevent whales buying a massive amount of MFLOKIADA right before their claimable time and swiping the reward pool straight away.

How do I become a Top 100 holders and how do I know when I am one?

In the VAULTS page, you will be updated on the latest TOP 100 holders and if you are entitled to earn the rewards, you get to claim the rewards in the vaults too. All you have to do is to buy more MFLOKIADA and HODL hard.

When will the NFT Marketplace be launched?

We have wrapped up the initial preparations and development is maturing to the advanced stages. The NFT Marketplace is poised to be dropped as early as the late of Q4 2021, and latest by the early Q1 2022.

What If I Don't Claim ADA Reward or TOP 100 Rewards In My Cycle?

If you don’t claim when your cycle is ready, your reward doesn’t stack to the following day. It’s always calculated against the percentage of MFLOKIADA you are currently holding same goes to the TOP 100 Rewards. The ADA vaults is shared with all other holders and will decrease whenever they claim. That’s why you should claim as soon as your cycle is ready.

When will the NFT Marketplace be launched?

We have wrapped up the initial preparations and development is maturing to the advanced stages. The NFT Marketplace is poised to be dropped as early as the late of Q4 2021, and latest by the early Q1 2022.

How do you decide the charity?

The charity drive will be chosen by the community through polls. We are 100% community-drive and wants our community to contribute on sharing their wealth.